Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian Grocery Products

Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore are known for their rich and diverse cuisine, and you can bring these flavors to your kitchen with popular grocery products from these countries. In Malaysia, brands like Maggi, ABC, and Prima offer ingredients like Curry paste, stir-fry sauce and coconut milk that are essential for dishes like Laksa, Nasi Lemak and Rendang.

Curry laksa is a popular rice noodle dish with a base of red coconut curry soup with added seafood and chicken

In Indonesia, brands like IndoMie and Bamboe offer spices and sauces like kecap manis and sambal oelek that are essential for dishes like mi goreng and sate.

chicken satay sticks served with peanut dipping sauce and vegetables

In Singapore, brands like Ayam and Yeo's offer ingredients like curry powder, chili crab sauce and sweet soy sauce that are essential for dishes like chili crab and bak kut teh. With these products, you can make a wide range of delicious dishes from these countries in the comfort of your own home.

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