Japanese Grocery Products

Famous Japanese brand groceries like Ajinomoto, Kikkoman, Kewpie, S&B and Mizkan offer a variety of products that will bring the flavors of Japan to your kitchen. Ajinomoto is known for its umami seasoning, which can be used in Udon or Soba Noodle dishes, Hiyashi tofu, and Oden to add depth of flavor.

Japanese style prawn tempura with soba buckwheat soup noodles

Kikkoman offers traditional soy sauce, as well as a range of other sauces, like teriyaki and ponzu, that are essential for making Japanese dishes like sushi, sashimi, tempura, and yakitori.

Baked balls of dough stuffed with octopus legs are topped with sauce, mayonnaise and dancing dried bonito flakes

With these brands, you can easily make authentic Japanese dishes like miso soup, Takoyaki, tonkatsu, and ramen, right at home. You can find the ingredients to all of your favourite Japanese dishes here at Davely’s Asian Supermarket. 

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